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Our Kiln Dried Logs

The Kilns 


All of our logs are kiln dried at our own yard in Northumberland, all the timber is locally sourced from sustainable woodlands. Most of which is sourced by us on our own forestry jobs. All our logs both Hardwood and Softwood are dried using our Eco Angus hot air blower biomass boiler, this is powered by burning our waste wood from our sawmill and waste of processing logs. The hot air blower, blows hot air around 120 degrees into 2 40ft containers. The air is pushed around and out of the containers by 2 small fans on the roof. Depending on how dry the logs are when going in on average it take about 3-4 days to dry them down to less then 20% we aim to take them out when they reach 15%, so we can provide the best logs for you!

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Kiln Dried, Ready To Burn Hardwood & Softwood Logs

Here at Coquetdale Timber we sell our logs by the loose 1.2 cubic metre loads or net bags.
We offer free local delivery (10 miles from NE65 7LN) outside of which a small delivery charge may apply.
All of our logs are in line with the new government guidelines, unless otherwise stated. Please store in a dry and airy space.

Kiln Dried Loose Hardwood Logs

A 1.2 loose cubic metre load of Kiln Dried ready to burn Hardwood Logs is £145 per 1.2 cube load.

Kiln Dried Loose Softwood Logs

A 1.2 loose cubic metre load of Kiln Dried ready to burn Softwood Logs is £110 per 1.2 cube load.

Kiln Dried Mixed Loose Logs

A 1.2 loose load of mixed 50/50 hardwood and softwood logs. All kiln dried and ready to burn. £125 per 1.2 cube load.

Loose loads

All of our logs are sourced locally, haulage by a local driver, processed, dried and delivered by us! We think it is important to keep everything as local as possible!

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Softwood Offer 

This autumn we are offering over 10% off our kiln dried softwood logs. 

2.4 cubes -£200 (normally £220)

4.8 cubes -£380( normally £440)

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Kiln Dried Net Bags Of Logs And Kindling

Hardwood logs-£7 per net 
Softwood logs-£5 per net 
Kindling sticks-£4 per net

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