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Forestry Services

Low Impact Forestry

We offer low impact forestry services across Northumberland and the Scottish Boarders. We currently use a Valmet Tractor with a 10 tonne Ryetec self driven timber trailer, with a hydraulic 4 tonne chain winch on the front, for timber extraction work. For timber harvesting we only fell trees by chainsaw and have an 8 tonne digger with rotator grab to help along side stacking ready for extraction. Everybody on site is fully qualified, with both chainsaws and first aid training. Along with being fully insured.


Timber Sales

We don't only do timber extraction and hand felling, we also buy timber at roadside or even standing. We are more then happy to market your timber for you, to make sure you get the best price for your timber.

Tree Planting And Aftercare

We believe that tree planting and restocking is one of the most important parts of the circle, after all if you didn't plant trees back, there soon wouldn't be anymore. We are more then happy to give estimates for tree planting. 
We also offer aftercare, whether it be spraying and cutting unwanted trees in the crop. We also do rhododendron controls, which is a big part of our summer work load.

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Storm Arwen

Wind Blown Trees

In November 2021 a huge area of Northumberland and the Scottish Boarder was hit with winds upto 115mph. It blew down millions of tonnes of timber overnight.
After that night most of our forestry work became concentrated around wind blown trees. Which doesn't put us off in the slightest. We invested in an 8 tonne digger with a rotator grab to help along side chainsaws and make it easier for the tractor and trailer to extract. 
We now buy wind blown timber and are happy to come and have a look at your woods. We will sort out the felling licence forms if needed as well.

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