Closeup of freshly cut logs


From Forest To Final Product



In 2015 is when we bought our woodmizer sawmill and never looked back. Along with offering our own products for sale, we can make the most of your timber by bring it to our yard and milling for you. We also offer hardwood milled slabs and mental pieces. Please get in touch for any questions or orders which you would like to place.

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Lambing Hurdles

One of the main sawmill products which we make in our joiners workshop, is lambing hurdles. we make them in 3 different sizes 4ft,5ft and 6ft hurdles along with a 5ft head lock hurdle are available to order to the trade and public.

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Sheep Troughs

We also offer 10ft V style treated sheep troughs, they are also metal banded at each end to get sure they last longer, even when kept outside.

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